What’s the Deal With Tapotement ?

This is my favorite technique, when I just can not get the body to relax! Or, when I've made progress and want to take it to the next level!

After a very long stressful week we deserve some rest and our body needs some pampering. Everyone has their own way to unwind. Others get their nails done, or get a foot spa and foot massage or have a body scrub but most people say that the best way to distress is to have a full body massage. Why massage? It is focused on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Tapotement is a technique used in Swedish massage, it involves rhythmic tapping, pounding or patting. There are different categories used in using the tapotement techniques, it can be executed with the edge of the hand, a cupped hand or the tips of the fingers. Tapotement is very efficient in revitalizing sore and tires muscles, this is also the most common massage for athletes. Chinese medicine also uses tapotement to loosen mucus in the air passages which is very beneficial to patients with bronchitis. In administering tapotement massage, you need to be careful in the bony area of the body such as spine, joints and knees. The most important reminder when conducting the tapotement massage, just keep the session free flowing, do not focus on how you are doing it, but focused more on why are you doing it .