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Focused Face, Head, and Neck Massage

Female faceWith just under 100 individual muscles in the face, head and neck the focus of this service, here at Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic is to spend a concentrated amount of time on the most used muscle sets for many of us. Michelle McClain believes that we were not meant to sit behind a desk under flourescent lights for hours at a time, or driving vehicles for miles of road, without proper rest, but we do it.

The body was created to perform repetitive motions. Muscle memory is a real thing and is the foundation we are built upon. It is the amount of rest, or good sleep that repairs the body and organs and all other systems.

What massage does for muscles specifically is broad. Let's first discuss why we have muscle aches and pain.  When a muscle becomes too tight, for too long, it becomes inflamed.  It becomes inflamed because the tension in the muscle restricts blood flow in the the muscle.  When there is not enough blood flow into the muscle, lactic acid and other types of cellular wastes accumulate in the muscle. This irritates the nerve cells, and causes you to feel pain.

Michelle McClain says that "Mental stress is a factor as well as physical stress on the mind and body.  When we become stressed, our sympathetic nervous system slightly tightens all of the muscles in our body.  It is when we rest and get proper sleep, our body heals by relaxing and resetting."

By increasing blood flow and the level of oxygen on a consistent basis you train your body to relax more quickly, also a result of muscle memory.