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About Jeffrey

facebook_1475124817058Jeff found himself in Missoula after a trip west and as we all do, fell instantly in love with the landscape and sense of community Missoula has. Similar to the Catskill Mountains, where he was raised by his Parents, Montana had the familiarity that made him feel instantly at home.

Massage Therapy has always come as a natural skill to Jeff, and encouraged by his Mother and Father, Brother and 3 Sisters. He pursued his education in New York City at the Swedish Institute of Massage and Asian Studies.

Jeff's belief in massage therapy is strong. As a combination of eastern and western medicines, he networks with local health care professionals to ensure the best care for his clients.

Structural Integration, deep tissue massage, and stretching are incorporated into his massages. Jeff believes in following his intuition and his clients instructions to get the most benefit and lasting result.

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