A major award! Missoula’s Best 2015!

For the last several years, Missoula's Independent and the Missoulian Newspaper have joined together to give the people of our community a chance to give a shout out to the favorite places. Food, hang-outs, drinks, bartenders, all of the things that bring us joy, relief and what we need to improve our own quality of life.

Being a Massage Therapist here in Missoula is by far the most rewarding profession I have had. Words cannot describe how satisfied I am with my job, career and life , as a Massage Therapist.  How lucky am I to actually look forward to getting up and out of bed to get to work, whether it's at 7am , or staying til 10 that night.  I know that I am actually doing something good for my clients.  I do hope that my love for what I do is evident because if I were having to do anything else, who knows !