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Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Most doctors will tell you that many of today's ailments are caused, not by viruses or bacteria, by stress. By not managing stress, you allow your body to ravage itself, weakening your immune system and reducing your physical and mental performance.

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Side By Side Massage

Is performed by two separate massage therapists on two separate clients both in the same room. It can be used with any of our massage styles. It can be done with any two lovers, friends, or family members alike.

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Hot Stone Massage

Utilizes special smooth, heated, oiled stones as tools in the practitioner’s hands to deliver heat and pressure of any level to the client’s body. The hardness of the stones makes the massage deep, and their heat relaxes muscles & improves circulation.

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Therapeutic Chair Massage

Health concerns are at an all-time high, and employers want their employees and clients to feel their commitment to them and their overall well-being. Chair massage with a skilled massage therapist is a hands-on approach that enhances well-being.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is our most popular style. It uses the therapist's palms, elbows, knuckles, and thumbs to deliver slow focused pressure.

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Throw away that razor and experience the benefits of regular waxing, from brows to toes and everything in between.

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Welcome to Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic

Here at Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic, you’ll find yourself engulfed in the warmth and understanding that you’re receiving complete care that comes with experience, passion and knowledge.  We offer complete services for the body, mind and spirit.  It is our goal to ensure our clients have no doubt that we have their best interests in mind at all times.  If a massage experience that involves your whole being is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We strive for AN EFFECTIVE MASSAGE, EVERY VISIT.

To us, massage is both an art and a science.

We offer more than simple massage. Our therapists are equipped with a whole range of massage techniques they can use as tools to solve your body’s needs.  We encourage clients to tell their therapist how they are feeling that day.  Armed with that knowledge, the therapist can approach the issues with focus.  With our certified massage technicians, you can expect respect, privacy, knowledge, and the peace of mind that you’re receiving the best and most complete care available.

Come see us today and see how our passion for our work and for your well-being transfer into a complete massage experience for your mind, body, and soul.